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Interactive Online Training: The Revolution in E-Learning

Tash Digital will help you develop professional interactive results based training challenges virtually. Use technology to adapt, teach and connect people with knowledge sources easily. Change your education into classroom or workshop like learning experiences online, anytime providing in-person styled information sharing.

These private training experiences means that each learner adapts learning to their individual pace in an atmosphere of progressive and engaging interactive in-person environments providing results centered time sensitive challenges online. Transform dull learning experiences into engaging, interactive challenges.

Learning environments with results oriented challenges.

 Why the concept of a Challenge? 

Tash Digital's concepts are Performance Based, Results Driven strategies. A Challenge is time based consequently has a Start and an End Date in which period leaners will learn a new skill, enhance current experiences or do revisions. Once the Challenge has begun learners can communicate with each other or with the trainer in a collaborate, interactive setting. As time progresses new instructions and information will be shared and on completion the leaner will achieve the goals that they had set out to accomplish at the beginning of the challenge.

Change education into interactive challenges to improve workplace performance.

A great concept is to create challenges for staff based on new in-house campaigns and promotions with the intention to interactivity train your internal customer, create comradery and acknowledge leaders while ensuring your team are up to date on concepts. Training is built around the launch and each employee's understanding of concept can be measure and issues identified timely.

Changing in-house SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), what better way than to create team work and interactivity by leveraging on the concept of challenges.  Training is built around the operating procedures with the intention to teach and then measure progress to recognise strengths as well as weaknesses. It's a win-win situation, celebrate successes and be aware of limitations. 

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