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Search Engine Optimization: Increase Traffic, Generate Revenue

At Tash Digital, we take a deep dive into your marketing goals, the competitive landscape and your audience to execute smart digital marketing analytics.  TD creates state-of-the-art, custom tailor-made SEO services to help your business generate more traffic, increase your online visibility and develop sustainable long term growth strategies.

Get the right strategy to increase your online visibility. 

TD Measure is specifically designed to run Google Search Engine Optimization Analysis, as your site moves up and down the SERPs, TD Measure will provide you with up-to-date keyword data from Google.

SEO and Digital Marketing Analytics Services.

Form a flexible strategy that enables the world to find YOU!!

How analysis increases business opportunities

Tash Digital - Experts in optimizing digital marketing and conversions.

SEO/ Keyword Search Optimization

To rank well in the search engine results, you need to use the right keywords on your site. Let TD Measure monitor your chosen keywords and see how well your site is ranking for them!

Give your website the best chance at getting found by using new keywords with low competition to maximize new visitors on your site.

TD Measure will provide you with statistics for your domain’s feature characteristics, SEO metrics, and index statuses within popular search engines.

Health Check & Web Audit

TD Measure will audit your domain with comprehensive tools to identify fixes in order of priority as well as SEO impact improvement.

Research Competition

Let TD Measure do in-depth health checks of your SEO progress and determine your powerful competitors and find out which links you could replicate for success.

Visitor Analytics

Unique Visitor, Page View, Bounce Rate, Average Stay Time, Average Visit, Traffic Analysis, Top Referrer, New & Returning Visitor & Country.

Social Media

TD Measure will sync your social media efforts with your website optimization strategy to bring traffic your way and get a much-needed SEO boost.


TD Measure's survey tool enables you to segment, tag, and deliver highly personalized offers that are tailored to your prospects’ pain points and needs.

TD survey's enables you to nurture leads more effectively by sending them to a fully customized and personalized outcome screen, or redirecting them to a product recommendation page based on their results.

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