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Tash Digital and its clients require the upkeep and retention of data for the purposes of creating unique IDs against which business functions are based the likes of Digital Award Acquisition, Communication of Events, Celebrating special events like birthdays etc.

What data needs to be retained: Personal Data like your Name, Surname, Mobile Number, Email Address, DOB are collected to enable the processing of loyalty functionality on which Tash Digital is built. Data is kept on secured serves providing the means to not only ensure Tash Digital's client experiences are maximized but also to provide useful reports.  

In addition Data is also retained by Tash Digital for enabling robust billing records for all involved parties.

Only designated member accounts will have access to these records. Tash Digital's clients comply by their own Data Retention and Deletion rules for which Tash Digital carries no responsibility.

NOTE: If a policy has been violated please contact [email protected] providing all information related to the incident so that security measures can be applied.

After a period Inactive accounts may be deactivated

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Tash Digital's privacy practices and data retention and deletion, accessible via the headings below, and contact us if you have any questions.